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Our Rates: 

We charge a minimum of one hour on all jobs, thereafter work is charged in 30 minute increments. Rates exclude materials and are subject to GST.A fixed price can be given if requested either verbally or by a written quotation by the plumber before work commences.  

All prices are subject to GST. 
*These rates are for jobs within 50kms of our premises.  Anything outside of the 50km radius will be a negotiated price


If a quote is requested the plumber will come to the location and assess the work.  He will provide you with a detailed description of the estimate, a full breakdown of the costs and organise a schedule of works,
Our plumber will also oversee all work carried out on your job and keep you updated on its progress.
We do not charge for estimates unless they are after hours.  Any charge made will be deducted from the final invoice if and when estimated works are carried out.
The invoice issued will clearly show a full description of work carried out and a full breakdown of Labour and Materials.
Payments can be made direct to the plumber by the following methods:


We accept the following Credit cards:

Visa Logo Mastercard Logo


Cheques to be made payable to Albrooke Plumbing


Cash payments to be made directly to the plumber


Transferred directly from your bank account.

Our plumbers carry their own iPads which provide a safe, secure and convenient way for you to pay for work that has been completed and invoiced.   This makes it possible to process transactions and obtain a banking authorisation within a matter of seconds followed by a receipt emailed directly to your email account.