Leak Detection


 At Albrooke Plumbing we use the most advanced and non-invasive leak detection equipment  to ensure we detect the leak fast and with minimum disruption to your property. We are fully qualified and insured  to carry out the necessary repairs. We can take care of the water leak to stop the high water bills whilst also preventing further water damage to the property.

What are the common signs of a water leak?

Water can travel fast and with far reaching consequences. The damage you see may be caused in close proximity but often the origins can be far removed and there could be even more damage to the  property than you are aware of.

Some common signs of a water leak are:

Gyprock or plaster ceilings showing mould or water marks
Wall and floor linings staining or cracking
Paint peeling or blistering
Efflorescence (salt like) visible to tiles, walls and decks
Timber floor boards or panels are warping/bowing
Rotten timber structures such as joists and bearers
Damp or stained carpet
Walls are showing marks of water seepage
Architraves and skirting boards show stains or are rotting

What causes a water leak?

Water leaks can have many causes, which surprisingly are not always related to burst pipes.  

Over time the spreading moisture generated by a water leak can be costly  and often results in mild to severe damage to ceilings, flooring, walls and roofs as well as to core building structures such as timber joists and outdoor decks. The longer a water leak is left unattended the greater the damage is likely to be.